Faceless Photography!

Anonymous said: do u hide ur face cuz ur ugly as shit?

Yes I’m uglier than the hunchback of Norte dame. Lol no I hide it cause it makes me feel like a superhero in someway, and my face isn’t and shouldn’t be important to anyone. The only thing that matter are the pictures I take not what I look like.

Anonymous said: Hey there, I wanted to say that I think you look hot in that zentai suit. But that's not really a question, is it :P

Haha thanks, I think lol my girl thinks so as well! Have you seen the new one?

Anonymous said: ur music sounds like car alarms faggot

Yes cause calling me something like that makes you look an sound amazing :).


Your entitled to your opinion.

Anonymous said: are you from aus?

By Aus I assume you mean australia? No I’m not, I’m actually from northern California, san Fran area.

Anyone got any questions for me?

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